How Big Is Your Prostate?


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Health experts believe the prostate gland begins to swell at around age 30, with 50% of men suffering symptoms by age 50 and 75% by age 80.

Make no mistake, the size of your prostate can have a major impact on your quality of life. In fact, in men over 50 in the U.S., an enlarged prostate is one of the most pressing health concerns.

Because your prostate can affect almost every aspect of your life, The Institute for Natural Healing has created this FREE online health quiz. You’ll discover if your prostate may be the size of a walnut, apricot, or lemon.

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Every man over age 50 should know the size of his prostate. Know the early warning signs of an enlarged prostate…

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What is your age?
Over the last 30 days, how often have you had a weak, dribbling urine stream that starts and stops?
Over the last 30 days, how often are you able to fully empty your bladder when you urinate?
Over the last 30 days, which of the following best describes your ability to start urinating?
Over the last 30 days, have you experienced an overwhelming urge to urinate?
Over the last 30 days, how often do you get up each night to urinate?
Have you ever been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes?
Over the last 30 days, which of the following best describes your urine stream?

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